About Airfin ®

Airfin ® diffuser consists of porous membrane made of EPDM or SILICON rubber. Each diffuser is fully –supported over the length and circumference with a PVC pipe. The diffuser is retained in place by two hose clamps. It is fitted to the lateral by a PVC heavy duty ‘T’ arrangement or SS-304- 3/4”BSP nipple. The Laterals are connected to a pipe header. For floating type laterals, the diffuser unit is fitted on concrete block with PP rope arrangement hence easy to maintain. The wetted parts of system are made of non-corrosive material. In the absence of air, the membrane contracts and covered around the support pipe to prevent any Backflow.

Advanced Designed Diffuser from EPDM, Silicone, Styrene butadiene rubber or specially engineered materials are available. Highly engineered pores on membrane for maximum efficiency with back flow prevention.

The properties of material are tested by CIPET – a reputed testing laboratory.

Applications: Airfin ® diffusers can be used in various types of aeration processes like

  • Activated sludge system.
  • Oxidation pond (stabilization pond).
  • Aerated lagoons.
  • Aerobic digester units.
  • Intermittent (on/off) aeration.

Technical features

  • Heavy duty full membrane support
  • All accessories are non – corrosive
  • Factory assembled diffuser for ease of operation
  • System expandability in field without special tools requirement
  • Partial / complete replacement systems available
  • Self purging system
  • Fixed / floating design
  • Light weight for ease of installation
  • Life expectancy @ 7-8 years

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This is to certify that Airfin ® Qty:164nos diffuser aeration system was installed at our plant by M/s Jay engineering on year 2001 on DEWAS plant for effluent flow 1000cu.m/day BOD-900mg/l COD..3000mg/l.