Advantage of Airfin ®

Benefits of Diffused Aeration System

  • High oxygen transfer efficiency results in more BOD removal per unit of energy.
  • Compatible with any basin or tank geometry and configuration. Hence, no need for regular shape and size of tank.
  • Permits deeper tanks, saving land requirement.
  • Gives uniform distribution of dissolve oxygen all over the tank.
  • The supply of air volume can be adjusted according to biological loads and flow.
  • Adaptability of the system to existing pneumatic circuits eliminates the need for additional air generators.
  • It can be used to retrofit existing aeration system.
  • Minimum piping for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Purging of diffuser is not required.
  • Low investment and operation costs, with minimum and easy maintenance.

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This is to certify that Airfin ® Qty:164nos diffuser aeration system was installed at our plant by M/s Jay engineering on year 2001 on DEWAS plant for effluent flow 1000cu.m/day BOD-900mg/l COD..3000mg/l.